Millennials Networking: What Should Do and Shouldn’t Do in a Networking Event

by skillagogo team

If you are in a networking event, there are many things that you should and not do. If you are new to millennial networking, make sure to keep these following do’s and don’ts in mind:

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DO: Compliment Others at Networking Events

One’s perception about you can make a huge difference. It also makes your conversations more important. A known way to influence the way people see you in a positive manner is complimenting somebody else. When it comes to psychology, it’s known as spontaneous trait transference. If you compliment another individual, everybody who hears compliment is to associate positive claims with you.

DON’T: Provide a Hard Copy of Your Resume to All

If you are searching for a new work, networking events can be a perfect forum to learn new opportunities. In a networking event, hustling is encouraged. Handing out your own resume is not recommended, however. Nobody likes to get a hard copy of resume at any networking event. It will not only make you over-eager, but also the recipient will have to walk around the networking event while holding your resume and you don’t like that, right? 

DO: Discuss Some Shared Values

Opposites may attract initially. However, it is those with shared values, which forge some lasting business relationships. New contacts feel that they understand more about you and how relationships could progress with shared values. To connect on the shared values, you may ask the open-ended questions that would help you gain good understanding of one’s values. Even if it’s a genuine and organic way to connect, if you are not well-versed with conversation, it may be a little challenging.  A foolproof way in discovering another person’s values is viewing their LinkedIn and some business information before meeting them. Even if it could be an extraneous work, you will be amazed on how much you could glean and use in conversations to leave a good and lasting impression. 

DON’T: Brag on How Great Your Company Is

Once you meet somebody at any networking event, there’s nothing wrong about sharing what you do. Nevertheless, nobody wants to hear how your company got awards and some achievements. Take note that modesty matters. There is a fine line between reckless business development and self-promotion. If you like to pitch your organization, show how you could help make value. Listen before you begin selling. 

DO: Show an Intent to Follow-Up

Even if new connections could remember you, without clear conversations about what both parties might expect moving forward, it is likely that your daily activities would take over as well as your connections would fall to wayside. Rather than letting time to make more distance between you, consider asking your contact about the schedule. If you are knowledgeable about their free time, you can quickly manage or call to get coffee. The most crucial thing to take note when networking is you can be memorable and likable once you stand out.

If you are prepared to leave your next networking event with new connections, keep those do’s and don’ts in mind.

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